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  • 무선 지자기 차량 감지 센서

    Wireless Magnetic Sensor Node for Vehicle Detection

    • This non-contact type vehicle detection sensor uses variation of geomagnetism value
    • The sensor can be installed in indoor and outdoor parking lot
    • The sensor can be linked with various application services
    • Function
      • Vehicle recognition using geomagnetism
      • Low power design with 3.6V Lithium battery
      • Ability to change sensor thresholds and cycles remotely
      • Gateway data transmission using RS232 communication
      • Watchdog Timer
      • Monitoring the battery level and transfer function
      • Wireless communication technologies (RF, NB-IoT)
  • 지하수 오염 측정 기술 기반의 간이 상수도 원격 통합관리시스템

    Remote integrated water management system based on underground water pollution measurement technology

    • M2M-based two-way wireless communication technology and professional water quality measurement system to monitor continuous and stable groundwater quality
    • Function
      • Solar power generation and charge / discharge system
      • Monitoring and control system of groundwater quality
      • 3G communication gateway system
  • 위치 기반 서비스 장치

    Location-based service device

    • Products that provide location-related information of a person travelling on a car or a bicycle via a wireless mobile network
    • Function
      • Periodic report of location
      • Report of location in case of emergency (SOS)
      • Report of safe zone entry/exit
  • 지능형 게이트웨이 플랫폼

    Intelligent Gateway Technology

    • Technology that allows individual data to be analyzed and leveraged by each device, as opposed to data centrally managed from a physical location in the cloud-computing cloud
    • Function
      • Open Source
      • Linux foundation project
      • Vendor-neutral open source project
      • Micro-service-based
      • Loosely-coupled microservices bound by common APIs
      • Polyglot Programming
      • Java, Python, Go Lang, C,etc
      • Various hardware and OS support
  • RF모듈

    RF Module

    • 900MHz
    • Function
      • 900MHz wireless transmit / receive module
      • MAX 14dBm output available
      • Using 2.0V to 3.6V
  • RF모듈

    RF Module : Wi-Fi

    • Wi-Fi
    • Function
      • Wi-Fi communication function
      • Built-in Cortex-M4
      • 802.11 b / g / n support
      • SD/MMC I/F
      • Using 2.1V ~ 3.6V
  • RF모듈

    RF Module : BLE to USB

    • BLE to USB
    • Function
      • BLE communication function
      • Built-in Cortex-M0
      • Applying of USB I/F
      • Design of extended I/F
      • Applying of charging circuit
  • BLE Motion

    BLE Motion

    • Motion detection module for real time monitoring of motion status of target through 10 axis sensor
    • Function
      • BLE communication function
      • 10-axis sensor (acceleration, gyro, geomagnetism, temperature) based data collection
      • Applying of Data correction algorithm
      • SWD-based debugging support
      • Battery-based operation

Sensor module

  • 불꽃 센서 (UV-Tron)

    Flame Detection Sensor(UV-Tron)

  • 이미지 센서 (CMOS)

    Image Sensor (CMOS)

  • 연기 센서 (이온화식)

    Smoke Detection Sensor(Ionized)

  • 산소 센서 (전기화학식)

    Oxygen Density Sensor

  • 기울기 센서

    Displacement Sensor

  • 기울기 센서 (액체저항식)

    Tilt Sensor (Electrolytic)

  • 거동량 센서 (potentiometer)

    Load Detection Sensor
    (Limit switch)

  • 하중감지센서 (Limit switch)

    Tilt Sensor

  • 안전도어 센서 (기계 잠금식)

    Safe-door Sensor(Mechanical locking type)

  • 침입감지 센서

    Intrusion Detection Sensor
    (magnetic switch)

  • 침입감지 센서 (적외선감지식)

    Intrusion Detection Sensor
    (Infrared Radiation)

  • 무선 경광등 (삼색 점멸식)

    Wireless Warning Lamp(Three-color Flicker )

  • 모바일 헬스케어 모니터링 시스템

    Mobile Healthcare Monitoring System

    • Portable wireless patient monitoring system capable of real-time checking of patient status outside
    • Function
      • Blood oxygen saturation, ECG, and respiratory measurement possible
      • Main, Numeric, Vital, and Event screen available
      • Analyze and view signal waveforms such as ECG, SpO2, Response, etc
      • Data Check and Biometric Data Graph Analysis Diagnostic Results Report View and Output Functions
  • SpO2 기반 생체신호 모니터링 시스템

    SpO2 based bio signal monitoring system

    • An integrated system equipped with a wrist-wearing bio-signal terminal and a GPS relay terminal to provide personal healthcare services and to cope with emergencies by real-time monitoring of user activity and biometric information
    • Function
      • Controller (ATmega2560) and RF (CC2420) for communication, sensor information collection and active control
      • SpO2 sensor module (DCM02) for bio signal, GPS module for position tracking
      • CDMA module for mobile communication
      • TDMA-based CSMA Hybrid Wireless Communication Protocol
      • ARQ for reliable communication (Automatic Request for Repeatition)
      • Provide QoS(Quality of Service)
      • Mobile web support
  • 스마트 팜

    Smart Farm

    • ICT-based smart greenhouse operation technology that quantifies the amount of evaporation through pores of the leaves and the water content in the medium for efficient management of greenhouse crops and analyzes data to precisely control nutrient supply and water management of crops
    • Function
      • Set time and frequency of irrigation based on media weight (water content)
      • Management and refinement of numerical water content
      • Strengthening roots
      • Regulation of crop viability based on volume of production
      • Increase the quantity of external light water based on experiences
      • Measurement of drainage volume ,pH amd EC measurement
      • Various sensor interlocking functions such as leaf temperature and medium temperature
  • 스마트 수분장력계

    Smart water tension meter

    • Real-time measurement and monitoring system of rhizome moisture tension (mbar) using two high-performance electronic water tension meters
    • Function
      • Data reception / transmission via smart phone / PC / laptop and WiFi (data reception / transmission via internet network when using external internet)
      • Analyze the data in seconds with the built-in processor, and display graphs and data in 1-minute increments
      • Automatic irrigation control through water tension meter (max-min) setting-> Connectable and controllable solenoid valves / pumps / tubing / fluids
      • Batch setting and setting of 5 periods / 24 hours (5 periods / 24h)
      • Built-in memory 8G stores data for about 10 years
  • 스마트 플러그

    Smart Plug

    • Wireless communication power-controlled device that can reduce unnecessary electricity usage by stopping standby power and prevent overheating by detecting overcurrent
    • Function
      • Check the appliance usage status and electricity usage
      • Automatic shutdown of standby power
      • Automatic overcurrent shutdown
      • Remote control of appliances using apps
      • Reservation function tailored to customers’ lifestyle


    • Smart lock device that can be controlled by BLE-based smartphone app
    • Function
      • Bluetooth 4.0(Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) Support
      • Open / close lock function with smartphone (manual opening / closing by dedicated app)
      • Locking position detection function (alarm transmission to smartphone when out of communication range)
      • Location sharing function using smartphone GPS
      • Lock history browsing function
      • Battery level check function (2 year battery life)